The Stone Carrier

Terry Brennan is a gonzo journalist for all the major magazines. He does a feature piece on super-novelist Thaddeus Bryant and the two become best friends. Thad has all the glittering prizes which Terry wants, including the next big step up the ladder of success, a major novel and a movie deal. He and his old friend Joey Gardello, the up and coming movie director, drink and dine at Elaine’s, the ultimate superstar hangout, but neither of them have yet made it.

Four Kinds of Rain

Broke, recently divorced, and a total deadbeat, Bob Wells has spent his life as a psychiatrist only doing good in the world. When one of his patients with clear paranoid delusions starts to lose a grip, Bob has no choice but to intervene. Emile Bardan is haunted by demons, and he believes that someone is trying to steal his most prized possesion, the legendeary Mask of Utu. Bob thinks it’s all part of Emile’s imagination until he discovers that Emile is telling the truth and that the mask is worth millions.

The King of Cards

The King of Cards explores the alchemy of stubborn yearnings and unrealized dreams amidst the well-tended rowhouses of Ward’s native city. There’s a mounting fury in Tommy Fallon’s heart in the fall of 1965. He’s finally found his life’s calling – thanks to the inspiration of Professor Extraordinaire Sylvester Spaulding. Young Tom wants to be lifted on the wings of genius, to ascend to a clean, well-lighted place where cultured people talk about deep things.

Miami Vice

Credits: Executive Producer, 1988-1990 Too Much, Too Late (1990) … (co-executive producer) Leap of Faith (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) Miracle Man (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) World of Trouble (1989) … (co-executive producer) Freefall (1989) … (co-executive producer) Victims of Circumstance (1989) … (co-executive producer) Over the Line (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) The Lost Madonna (1989) … (co-executive producer) The Cell Within (1989) … (co-executive producer) Jack of All Trades (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) Miami Squeeze (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) To Have and to Hold (1989) … (co-executive producer) Fruit of the Poison Tree (1989) … (co-executive producer) Hard Knocks (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) Asian Cut (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) Line of Fire (1988) … (co-executive producer) Borrasca (1988) … (co-executive producer) Bad Timing (1988) … (co-executive producer) Heart of Night (1988) … (co-executive producer) Redemption in Blood (1988) … (co-executive producer, story) Hostile Takeover (1988) … (co-executive producer)

Hill Street Blues

Writer and producer, 1985-1987. Episodes: The Cookie Crumbles (1987) … (written by) Der Roachenkavalier (1987) … (executive story consultant) City of Refuse (1987) … (executive story consultant) A Wasted Weekend (1987) … (executive story consultant) She’s So Fein (1987) … (executive story consultant) More Skinned Against Than Skinning (1986) … (executive story consultant) Fathers and Guns (1986) … (executive story consultant) Falling from Grace (1986) … (executive story consultant) Amazing Grace (1986) … (executive story consultant) / (story by) / (teleplay by) Say Uncle (1986) … (executive story consultant) I Come on My Knees (1986) … (executive story consultant) Bald Ambition (1986) … (executive story consultant) The Best Defense (1986) … (executive story editor) / (story by) / (teleplay by) A Case of Klapp (1986) … (executive story consultant) Come and Get It (1986) … (story editor) Slum Enchanted Evening (1986) … (story editor) / (teleplay by) Look Homeward, Ninja (1986) … (story editor) Jagga the Hunk (1986) … (story editor) Iced Coffey (1986) … (story by) Larry of Arabia (1986) … (story editor) Remembrance of Hits Past (1986) … (story editor) I Want My Hill Street Blues (1986) … (story editor) Scales of Justice (1986) … (teleplay by) Das Blues (1986) … (story by) / (story editor) Say It as It Plays (1986) … (teleplay by) Two Easy Pieces (1986) … (story editor) / (teleplay by) The Virgin and the Turkey (1985) … (story by) / (teleplay by) What Are Friends For?

Red Baker

When Red Baker, a Larmel steel worker in Baltimore, Maryland, gets laid off from his job he goes crazy: boozing, attempted philandering, running away from his future. Filled with unforgettable characters from Red’s angry but loyal wife, Wanda; his basketball-star son, Ace; his lifelong friend Dog, a casualty of the layoff; and Crystal, the go-go dancer at Lily’s bar who embodies Red’s fantasies of escape. Red Baker is a classic American novel about a man with no identity who tries to replace the one he’s lost.