New York Undercover

Producer and Writer, 1994-1995 Catman Comes Back (1995) … (supervising producer) Downtown Girl (1995) … (supervising producer) Manchild (1995) … (supervising producer) The Shooter (1995) … (supervising producer) Olde Tyme Religion (1995) … (supervising producer, story) Eliminate the Middleman (1995) … (supervising producer) All in the Family (1995) … (supervising producer, writer) CAT (1995) … (supervising producer) Innocent Bystanders (1995) … (supervising producer) You Get No Respect (1995) … (supervising producer, story) Mama Said Knock You Out (1995) … (supervising producer) The Smoking Section (1995) … (supervising producer) Private Enemy No.

Brotherhood of the Gun

Credits: Writer After the Civil War, reb sharpshooter Zack Hollister joins Weir’s outlaw gang. After a sucessful train robbery, he and his brother end up in a gunfight with Weir and his men. He escapes with a wound in his right arm, but his brother is killed. Recuperating, he has to learn to shoot left-handed as he plans to avenge his brother’s death.

C.A.T. Squad: Python Wolf

Credits: Teleplay After a plutonium bust, The C.A.T squad traces the smuggling operation to South-African radicals.

Miami Vice

Credits: Executive Producer, 1988-1990 Too Much, Too Late (1990) … (co-executive producer) Leap of Faith (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) Miracle Man (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) World of Trouble (1989) … (co-executive producer) Freefall (1989) … (co-executive producer) Victims of Circumstance (1989) … (co-executive producer) Over the Line (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) The Lost Madonna (1989) … (co-executive producer) The Cell Within (1989) … (co-executive producer) Jack of All Trades (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) Miami Squeeze (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) To Have and to Hold (1989) … (co-executive producer) Fruit of the Poison Tree (1989) … (co-executive producer) Hard Knocks (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) Asian Cut (1989) … (co-executive producer, story) Line of Fire (1988) … (co-executive producer) Borrasca (1988) … (co-executive producer) Bad Timing (1988) … (co-executive producer) Heart of Night (1988) … (co-executive producer) Redemption in Blood (1988) … (co-executive producer, story) Hostile Takeover (1988) … (co-executive producer)

Hill Street Blues

Writer and producer, 1985-1987. Episodes: The Cookie Crumbles (1987) … (written by) Der Roachenkavalier (1987) … (executive story consultant) City of Refuse (1987) … (executive story consultant) A Wasted Weekend (1987) … (executive story consultant) She’s So Fein (1987) … (executive story consultant) More Skinned Against Than Skinning (1986) … (executive story consultant) Fathers and Guns (1986) … (executive story consultant) Falling from Grace (1986) … (executive story consultant) Amazing Grace (1986) … (executive story consultant) / (story by) / (teleplay by) Say Uncle (1986) … (executive story consultant) I Come on My Knees (1986) … (executive story consultant) Bald Ambition (1986) … (executive story consultant) The Best Defense (1986) … (executive story editor) / (story by) / (teleplay by) A Case of Klapp (1986) … (executive story consultant) Come and Get It (1986) … (story editor) Slum Enchanted Evening (1986) … (story editor) / (teleplay by) Look Homeward, Ninja (1986) … (story editor) Jagga the Hunk (1986) … (story editor) Iced Coffey (1986) … (story by) Larry of Arabia (1986) … (story editor) Remembrance of Hits Past (1986) … (story editor) I Want My Hill Street Blues (1986) … (story editor) Scales of Justice (1986) … (teleplay by) Das Blues (1986) … (story by) / (story editor) Say It as It Plays (1986) … (teleplay by) Two Easy Pieces (1986) … (story editor) / (teleplay by) The Virgin and the Turkey (1985) … (story by) / (teleplay by) What Are Friends For?

Cattle Annie & Little Britches (Movie)

Credits: Screenplay, Screen Story In nineteenth century Oklahoma, two teen girls, fans of stories about outlaws, are on a quest to meet and join up with them. They find a shadow of a former gang and although disappointed, still try to help them escape from a vigorous Marshal.

Green Dolphin Beat

Credits: Writer Two cops try to solve the murder of a former prostitute while fighting for their jobs in a crime-ridden precinct of a Northwestern city.